Lakeview Chapel

Lakeview Chapel is rooted in a rich history of missional giving and sending and remains so today, giving 10% of our general offering to missionaries every month.  At Thanksgiving we work with the Evangelical Methodist Church to glean a special harvest specifically dedicated to our EMC missionaries world wide.  In 2006, rather than asking our church family to simply write out another check, we decided to have some fun with this offering, encouraging everyone to bring us their change.  Starting 5 weeks before Thanksgiving, toddlers, teens, grandmas and grandpas and everyone in between make their way to the front to deposit this very special offering in a treasure chest.  We do pennies the first week, nickels the next working our way up to cash and checks on the last Sunday.  The first year we did this we set a goal of $500 which we easily blew out of the water and God has so blessed us year after year that we give nearly double what is asked of us ... exceedingly, abundantly is His way!

Each of our missionaries comes with a story ... a testimony ... how they came to Jesus, how they heard the call and how they came to be on our support list.  These are truly the super heroes of our faith, sacrificing all to serve on the front lines that others may know and receive the gift of grace.  If you'd like to learn more about our missionaries or the organizations they serve, click on their names.

Did you realize that the United States has become one of the largest mission fields in the world ... that Christian organizations worldwide now send their missionaries here to seek and save the lost? These first few missionaries have chosen this as their field.  Bob and Lisa in the inner city of Stockton, California and Shaylesa and Nate on the high school campuses of Lake Elsinore, California.


Shaylesa & Nate Bryan
World Outreach Ministries
Serving in Idaho Public Schools

Shaylesa was born into the church family of Lakeview Chapel and attended church here throughout her growing up years.  After completing college, she answered a call to serve in public schools first through Student Venture and now through World Outreach Ministries.  Shaylesa with her husband Nate and their two children, Vienna & Segan now live in Idaho.

Craig & Ruth Goodman
Mission Aviation Fellowship, Nampa ID
Craig started his service in Indonesia but now serves at MAF’s U.S. Headquarters in Nampa, alongside his wife, Ruth, and their daughter, Julianne.

Bob & Lisa Margaron
Stockton Peniel Mission
WGM, Stockton, CA

After a rough start in life, Bob found family and significance in an outlaw motorcycle gang.  He was blessed, however, to have a sister that found her healing and purpose in a relationship with Jesus Christ and who rallied fellow prayer warriors at LVC to intercede on his behalf.  Now some 27 years later, Bob lives and serves with his wife, Lisa at the Stockton inner city mission, much like the one that helped him find the Way.

Bill & Lisa Walker
EMC Multicultural Ministries
Bill and Lisa have headed Multicultural Ministries since it's inception.  MM was created to assist in evangelistic and church planting ministries among the diverse ethnicities within the US, effectively communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many culture groups as possible for the winning of the lost, the making of disciples and the establishing of viable, reproductive local churches.  Bill and Lisa provide valuable training to the local church to more effectively minister cross-culturally in their communities.  



Colina De Luz Orphanage - Mexico
With strong ties to the Lake Elsinore area, Lakeview Chapel has supported Jim and Sue Drake and their efforts at Colina de luz since they answered their call to serve and minister there.

Nina Kunkle
World Gospel Mission, Bolivia

Nina’s parents served on the mission fields of Bolivia, she grew up there and when it came time to make her own choices, she became a doctor and followed her heart’s call back to the people she loved.  Nina’s father, John, served our denomination as General Superintendent and more personally, as interim pastor on several occasions at Lakeview Chapel.

Life & Truth Bible Institute
EMC - Toreon, Mexico
Lakeview Chapel provides scholarship assistance for a student at the Toreon Life and Truth Bible Institute.